Brrr! It’s Cold!!!

A powerful cold front equipped with gusty winds has impacted those high temperatures at the start of the week. Temperatures are going to be in the upper teens for both Wednesday and Thursday morning in most of the Mid-South Region. Temperatures will then excel into the 20°F margin by sunrise and into the upper 30°F due to a little Sun exposure. A report from the NWS discusses the Winter Advisory for some areas north of us…

“The Bluegrass region will have the longest residence time under the stratus deck and continuing light snow showers so will keep the Winter Weather Advisory going in that area for light accumulations of snow, and some impacted roadways. In addition, the current Special Weather Statement looks good through Midnight in all of the counties not in the Advisory but still under the stratus deck as it continues to snow. Slick spots should be more patchy in nature in these areas along with any light accumulations a half an inch or less. Will likely be able to trim some counties out of the SPS at Midnight, but will also probably have to extend some of the counties further north and east deeper into the overnight.” -NWS Forecast Discussion

The downstream trough leading into a ridge will become pivotal towards bringing colder air and the windy conditions throughout your Tuesday and Wednesday evening. Be sure to be careful while driving on the roads and be sure to secure the wheel with both hands! Bundle up those glands this week for the wind chill will cause temperatures to decrease below freezing for much of your day. Gloves, earmuffs, mittens, toboggans, are all to be included for Wednesday’s forecast. Thursday warms up just a tad with some sunnier weather adventuring from our west and we could possibly see 6o°F by Friday.

WEDN: 37°/17°F; Mostly sunny skies with a calmer wind gust. Dry air conditions due to lower dew points as that northerly flow converts to westerly. No precip

THURS: 43°F/28°F; Slight overcast and increasing clouds with systematic low off the Gulf coast. Some chances for early morning showers at 30% and afternoon showers at 50%.

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