Back to Winter

Friday and Saturday saw some very interesting weather. Friday there was thick fog in the area with visibility as low as .5 miles near Elizabethtown. Tornado warnings were released for Oklahoma and Missouri. Saturday with snow in Nebraska (6 inches in Omaha) and Iowa along with 22 reported tornadoes in Illinois. Locally, yesterday was a stormy day with high a high of 62.

Unfortunatly, temperatures will dropping again as we go through the day and remain that way through the week. The first cold front has already passed through the area and another one is crossing into western Kentucky at the moment. As these fronts come through we are seeing some very heavy winds with maximum wind at 34 mph. A wind advisory is out until 6 pm. Gusts could be as high as 45 mph so please be careful.

Satellites show very little in the area because of the fronts. Something cool that can be seen on the satellite is the boundaries for the fronts. Check out how the satellite compares to the surface map.

GOES 16 satellite

Other than colder temperatures, Monday looks like it will be uneventful. There will some clouds in the sky as rain and snow chances for Tuesday arrive, but that is about it.

Looking at the model comparison and other data for Tuesday, snow appears more likely than rain. Now before everyone heads out to stock up on food, any snow we get will be nothing more than flurries.

Model comparison of Tuesday’s precipitation at its peak

Other than being cold, the start to this week will be uneventful.


  • Sunday:
    • High: 66
    • Low: 35
  • Monday:
    • High: 45
    • Low: 32
  • Tuesday:
    • High: 39
    • Low: 27
    • A few flurries are possible. I would not completely count out a sprinkle or two if the temperature permits.

Stay safe and have a good week everyone! For those WKU students: 10 more school days left. Hang in there!

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