Brace For Continued Cold; Will Warmth Return?

Unfortunately, the bone-chilling cold temperatures continue into tomorrow- well below freezing for most of the day. We’ll wake up to temperatures in the single digits, which will only rise to about 32º before the day is over.

02Z HRRR Temps

Above, a short range model (HRRR) reinforces the idea of bitter cold hanging on for quite some time tomorrow. Bundle up, because it’s going to be another frigid one. Thankfully, not as frigid as northwestern Minnesota, where the all-time state low temperature record of -60º could be broken…

On a positive note, it does look like a few warm-ups are coming. It’s honestly crazy to think about: We are dealing with brutal cold in the single digits today and tomorrow, but this weekend we could shoot for 70º. That’s a huge change in the weather pattern!

18Z GFS temps at 850mb

Above, we can see the change from cold (purple/blue colors) to warm (green/yellow colors) by the weekend and early into the next week. If you aren’t a fan of the chilly weather, noticing this abrupt change in the models is a cause for some relief- however it also raises a red flag. Along with the warmer temperatures, we could have a shot at some severe weather in our area on Monday and then possibly again on Wednesday, however it is a bit too far out to get into specifics. Just something to keep in the back of your mind for now, and check in again before Monday.

Quick Summary:

-Tomorrow (Thursday) is going to be bitterly cold.

-It begins to slowly warm each day until we are looking at close to 70º by Sunday/Monday.

-The warmer weather comes with the chance for severe weather, with Monday looking most likely for that.

-Stay up to date with our blog for the latest on the warmer trend and severe chances early next week!

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