The Rain Continues

Grab those umbrellas and rain jackets as it will be a wet one for the early portion of this week. As previously described, Bowling Green and the surrounding area is under a Flood Watch. The flood watch is in effect until Tuesday (1/12) at 12 pm. A low pressure system to our west is bringing a large amount of precipitation being fed from the southeastern Pacific. As the low progresses to the east this afternoon and into the evening, it will bring heavier periods of rain.

Rain this evening and overnight is expected to bring an additional 1 to 2 inches for our area. According to the USA Climate Data, Bowling Green typically receives around 4″ of precipitation for the month of February. This means, this afternoon and tonight alone could bring half of the monthly average amounts. Due to the active pattern of the subtropical jet and polar jet, we have received above average amounts of rainfall for the month of February. As you can see below, heavier rain is expected to arrive late tonight and continue into the first half of Tuesday.

24-Hour Precipitation Amounts (Source: COD Weather)

If you are looking for the “sunnier side of things” hold on for another couple of days as mid week looks to clear up before the rain once again returns.


Today (1/11): Rain throughout the day. Chance: 100%.
High: 57
Low: 55
Tonight: Rain continues becoming heavier at times overnight and into the early morning hours. Chance of rain 100%.
Tuesday (1/12): Heavier showers possibile for the morning commute then a steady rain continuing throughout the day before moving out in the evening.
High: 59
Low: near 30
Side Note: Winds are likely to be pretty strong Tuesday with gusts of 35+ mph possible in the afternoon.

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