Rain, Rain Go Away

It’s been a soggy February- and this wet pattern continues into the weekend.

Many areas across the region are dealing with flooding and overflowing rivers, and it looks like an additional 1-4 inches is yet to come. Remember, do not try to cross flooded roadways as the power of water can sweep a vehicle off the road!

0Z NAM total precip accumulation

After looking at models such as the 0Z NAM and GFS, it is easy to see that rain across the Midwest and South is still to come. This will likely lead to worsened flooding conditions and overflowing creeks/rivers/waterfalls.


It seems that there is truly no good news with our weather pattern lately, but thankfully there is something on Saturday. Overall, it will be pretty warm as we will reach the upper 60s. However, this comes with a price tag- the chance for storms. This will need to be watched closely over the next few days, as the threat for severe storms is increasing near our region. Stay up to date with the latest!


  • More rain still to come!
  • Be wary on roads prone to flooding
  • Severe weather threat this Saturday
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