Not Exactly Spring Break Weather!

Honestly as cold as Bowling Green was today, I am jealous! Bowling Green got to see a high of 34° while Louisville’s high was 28°. Currently it’s 34° (feels like 24°) in Bowling Green while Louisville it is 26° (feels like 14°). Thank goodness temperatures will get warmer as we push through the week.

Today’s Surface

A high pressure system is laying in the center of the continental US that will makes its way into our area tomorrow and leave out Thursday night. There’s not much going on weatherwise for today through Thursday other than the gradual increase in temperature. There is a chance for rain Thursday night as a front sweeps through the area.

Forecast valid Wednesday 12Z
Wednesday’s Surface Outlook
Forecast valid Thursday 12Z
Thursday’s Surface Outlook
  • Tuesday:
    • High: 34°
    • Low: 15°
    • Try not to freeze!
  • Wednesday:
    • High: 36°
    • Low: 24°
  • Thursday:
    • High: 48°
    • Low: 35°
    • Rain chances are possible Thursday night.

I hope everyone has a fun, safe spring break!

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