Severe Storm Saturday with Daylight Savings Return

Now it may be a bit chilly for severe weather right now, but a warm front will pass through as seen below, giving us a more ideal set up for severe weather.

13Z Surface Observations (Source: College of DuPage)

With considerable warming for the mid-South, those down in Bowling Green are looking at a slight risk for severe weather, along with central Tennessee. Western Tennessee is looking at an enhanced risk for severe weather, along with Northern Mississippi and places in Arkansas and Missouri. For more information regarding these risks, see this website.

Day 1 Convective Outlook (Source: SPC)

Even as I type this out, severe weather is making its way through Arkansas. Below is a simulation of the reflectivity one might encounter in the areas that have been marked as an enhanced severe weather area.

12Z HRRR Simulated Reflectivity (Source: College of DuPage)

The map above indicates that any severe weather will be structured as a squall line, which is stimulated by a front, usually a cold front. It will be a bit cooler when the storms pass through the area. As with any severe weather day, there is always a lookout for tornadoes.

12Z HRRR Significant Tornado Parameter (fixed layer) (Source: College of DuPage)

The above map outlines environments that are conducive to tornadoes. As such, they can be seen in Western Tennessee and Mississippi. May I ask that you please heed the warnings that the National Weather Service in your area issues. With all of that said, highs for the Bowling Green area will be in the mid-upper 60’s, and lows in the mid 30’s for Saturday. Despite some clearing for the early morning, Sunday will be mostly cloudy, with highs in the upper 50’s, and lows in the lower 40’s. Monday is also cloudy, with highs in the mid 50’s, and lows in the lower 40’s. Before you go to bed on Saturday, you must know that you will lose an hour of sleep. Daylight Savings Time will return tomorrow.


Saturday: 100% chance for thunderstorms, maybe severe; High: 67, Low: 36

Sunday: Mostly Cloudy; High: 58, Low: 41

Monday: Cloudy; High: 55, Low: 40

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