Warm But Wet Midweek

Thankfully we have a nice high pressure system on top of us right now allowing for some mild, sunny weather. Hopefully everyone was able to step outside for a little bit. We’ve been having some especially beautiful sunsets lately as well. You should definitely consider putting on a light jacket to check it out.

Satellite imagery is showing high clouds over the area. Unfortunately as we move through the night a low pressure system with some rain attached will push through lasting through Thursday. I don’t think that the actual rain will hit us until night if not waiting until early Thursday.

This increase in clouds could prevent us from getting a good view of the Full Worm Moon that will help finish off the first day of spring.

Believe it or not there is good news attached to all of this. Temperatures will be warm and will stay fairly warm. Of course there could still be outlier days but the overall temperatures are on the up.

    • Tuesday:
      • High: 56
      • Low: 35
    • Wednesday:
      • High: 62
      • Low: 41
    • Thursday:
      • High: 54
      • Low: 36
      • Get those umbrellas and rain boots out! It will be a rainy day.

Stay safe and have a good week!

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