Cloudy cover

I was talking to a friend yesterday that I miss the smell of rain that smells out of dry ground when it rains. Of course, we cannot find that smell here in Bowling Green because the surface is saturated all the time with water due to the continuous precipitation from time to time and there is no significant interval to dry the surface of the Earth, and thus find the characteristic smell after the rain. Maybe if we travel to semi-desert areas like Arizona or South Texas and we could find this smell. Nevertheless, we miss this smell but there are other rain features that we can see during or after precipitation that cannot be seen elsewhere. For example, fog after rain, intermittent drizzle, low cloud speed, etc.

A satellite images showing the cloud cover over the region:

Follow up with my friend Mathew on this blog, this day will be mostly cloudy that were noted across the region early this morning. the weather radars are showing moderate to light rain showers moving around Warren county.  The high temperature is low 50 °F and low will be around 40 °F.  A surface cold front was roughly along the Ohio River and moving eastward-southeastward.  A cold moving to toward to us and it will approach here soon within hours and we expect the cloudy skies to continue with light to moderate rain to continue as well.


Day and time Condition High(°F) Low (°F)
Tonight Chance Rain   42 
Saturday Rain Likely
then Chance
Saturday Night Mostly cloudy   31 
Sunday Mostly Sunny 50   
Sunday Night   Partly Cloudy   32 
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