Rain Free, Comfortable End to the Week

Good morning everyone! Hopefully, the elections haven’t gotten you all too frazzled and you’re reading this in good health. Yesterday was much more comfortable compared to the frigid conditions we had seen the previous days with a high of 66° and a low of 34°. The rest of the week looks to be a bit warmer with the exception of Thursday, but it should feel around what yesterday did. A widespread high-pressure system will remain over the area until around Tuesday when a cold front is expected to move through bringing precipitation chances back. Until then it is the perfect time to go out and check some fall foliage, especially the red maples, with loved ones or even by yourself.

    • Wednesday
      • High: 70°
      • Low: 45°
    • Thursday
      • High: 68°
      • Low: 48°
    • Friday
      • High: 69°
      • Low: 44°
Things to do in Bowling Green, Kentucky for Halloween
Source: https://www.visitbgky.com/fall/

Also visit the source for the image above for some great things to do this fall around Bowling Green! Have a fun, safe, and healthy week!!

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