Gloomy Monday

Hello readers, and happy Monday!


Today certainly requires warm clothes and a pumpkin spice latte! Temperatures actually peak around noon, as more clouds and cooler winds cause temperatures to drop throughout the remainder of the day. Peak temperatures will reach the mid 60s, but as the clouds and wind build, expect a drop into the mid 50s. Dress warm! Tonight, expect more clouds and cool wind between 10-20mph, and temperatures dropping into the upper 40s. Clouds will clear out for the most part tomorrow, with mostly sunny skies and warmer temperatures in the low 60s.

Weather Fact (Spooky Edition)!

With Halloween upcoming this weekend, let’s take a look at past weather records for Halloween here in Bowling Green!

With over 100 years of past records, there is quite a variety of weather for this day. In temperature, there has been a Halloween with a record high temperature of 87 (in 1922), and a Halloween with a record low temperature of 25 (twice, in 1925 and in 1954). Pretty crazy to see that record highs and lows for the day were set three years apart in 1922 and 1925! (NWS Louisville)

Next post I will discuss precipitation records for the day. In the mean time, have a great start to your week!

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