Mason’s Monday Outlook 2/7

Good morning, folks, and happy Monday!

Today’s Forecast

Today, and really this entire week, is going to give us an opportunity to recover from the nasty week we had last week. Temperatures today climb into low to mid 40’s, with brilliant sunshine. Tonight, temperatures will dip down to the lower 20’s with mostly clear skies.

What to Watch For

As mentioned earlier, the weather pattern this week is going to be rather pleasant and inactive. Temperatures will get a bit warmer as the week progresses, and the skies will stay mostly sunny. Enjoy this uncommonly tranquil week for this time of year!

Weather Fact!

On this day in 1892, in Verkhoyansk, Russia, the temperature fell to -90 degrees Fahrenheit, one of the coldest temperatures ever recorded in the Northern Hemisphere. So, if you thought it has been cold recently, at least it wasn’t this cold!

Have a great week everyone 🙂

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