Mason’s Monday Outlook 4/4

Good morning, folks, and happy Monday!

Today’s Forecast

For today, expect a mild and showery day. A slight chance of light showers will persist throughout the afternoon, with temperatures climbing into the mid 60s. That shower chance will last throughout the night, as temperatures drop into the lower 50s with cloudy skies.

What to Watch For

Shower chances today turn to thunderstorm chances Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Overall, the week should consist of mild temperatures, cloudy skies, and plenty of rain. While flooding concerns look minimal at this moment, the chance of thunderstorms make it worth monitoring. Additionally, the threat for severe weather at this time is marginal at best. Stay tuned, and stay dry this week!

Weather Fact!

We’ve all heard the term “April showers bring May flowers”, but does that phrase actually fit for our region? According to USClimateData, here in Bowling Green, May is actually the wetter month on average (5.63 inches of average precipitation) than April (4.21 inches of average precipitation). So, while the April showers may bring the May Flowers, the May showers definitely help too!

Have a great week everyone 🙂

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