Today in Weather History

Good afternoon to you! How are you holding up for finals? We hope well!

On this day, in 1868, the state of Illinois fell victim to severe thunderstorms that produced catastrophic tornadoes. One in particular had a path of fifteen miles, tearing through the counties of Warren and Knox. In the vicinity, a town known as Ionia was completely demolished, along with sixteen homes and two churches across the state. Unfortunately, this storm took the lives of six people and injured forty others. You may be thinking: fifteen miles has to be the longest track on record, right? But, you would be sadly mistaken. Not even the Mayfield, Kentucky tornado broke the country’s record. The longest tornado path ever recorded was known as the “Tri-State Tornado,” to which took place in 1925, and was on the ground for two hundred and twenty miles! Isn’t that insane?

We hope you learned something new today! Good luck on finals!

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