Meteorology Monday 4/10

Happy Monday everyone! Hopefully, you enjoyed the sunny weather on Easter Sunday! The sun is here to stay and let us take a look at the week ahead!

Monday Night: Low of around 42 degrees and mostly clear skies.

Tuesday: Sunny skies with a high of 75 degrees.

Tuesday Night: Clear skies with a low of around 44 degrees.

Wednesday: Sunny skies with a high of 78 degrees!

Wednesday Night: Clear skies with a low of around 46 degrees.

Thursday: High of around 80 degrees with mostly clear skies, the warmest day of the week!

Thursday Night: Warmer night with only a low of around 56 degrees. Cloudy in the evening then scattered rain showers move in after midnight.

Friday: Scattered thunderstorms and rain showers throughout the day, otherwise cloudy with a high of around 55 degrees.

Jackson’s Orchard opens on the 13th so make sure to head on out there and pick up some fresh fruit!

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