Weekend temperature update

As I was writing the previous post, the NWS has drastically lowered their temperatures for the upcoming Sat-Tues period, in agreement with my discussion from yesterday. As of Monday afternoon, they had high temperatures in the low 30s with lows in the upper teens for Sat-Tues while I had highs from 20-24 and lows 8-12 (with talk of the possibility of sub-zero temperatures). WBKO also had highs in the lows 30s and lows in the upper teens while WNKY had highs in the upper 20s and lows in the mid teens with no talk of sub-zero temperatures.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the NWS now has the following for Bowling Green…
Saturday: Low 14, High 25.
Sunday: Low 10, High 27.
Monday: Low 9, High 21.

And according to the headline on the Louisville NWS site…”In addition the actual air temperatures during the morning over the weekend and into early next week may bottom out into the single digits, possibly approaching zero.”

It will be interesting to see how long it takes for the local TV weather guys to lower accordingly.

My only update to the temperature forecast from yesterday is that I think that Monday is going to be the coldest day and depending on the snowcover from Thursday’s storm, a high/low of say 14/2 wouldn’t surprise me for Bowling Green, which would equal the coldest day since 2003. Brrrr!

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