Extreme solution for weekend clipper

Check out the 18z run of the NAM if you want to see a nice fantasy snowstorm for the Mid-South. This model is showing a 6-10″ snowstorm for parts of western TN, south-central KY, and northern MS. Don’t hold your breath waiting for this one.

Here is the 18z run of the NAM and it’s snowfall map. Here is the 18z run of the GFS and it’s snowfall map. The NAM goes bonkers because it splits the energy from the clipper as it moves southward. The lagging, westward vort max is what dives into the southern Plains and turns into the big snowstorm. The GFS keeps the energy together over the Great Lakes. It is worth watching to see how it evolves, but I don’t recall seeing a clipper split like this and come so far south. At least this gives me a reason to check out the 0z models.

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