Bowling Green ties all-time consecutive rainfall record

For the second time in 2009, Bowling Green recorded rain on at least seven consecutive days. The recent consecutive rainfall streak, which ended September 26th, reached 10 days, which tied for the longest in history. This marks the 5th time since 1898 that Bowling Green has recorded a streak of 10 consecutive days with at least 0.01″ of rain. The most recent occurrence was from 5/28-6/6 in 1970. The most rain that fell in a day during the streak was 0.78″ on 9/19 while the least that fell was 0.06″ on 9/25. The total amount of rain that fell during the streak was 3.41″, for an average of 0.34 per day. This persistent light rain was in marked contrast to much of the rest of the state, where torrential downpours pushed daily rainfall totals over 3 inches on several days in many locations.

Of the five 10-day streaks in Bowling Green history, this recent one was the only one that had at least 0.05″ every day. All of the other four streaks had at least two days with precipitation less than 0.05″. Through 9/28, 2009 ranks as the 10th wettest year-to-date, with 46.84″. The April-September six-month period has recorded 34.97″, which ranks 2nd all-time.

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  1. ed walton says:

    If September was one of the 5 wettest since 1898, then looking at the winters that followed the other four wettest Septembers should give us an idea of what to expect this comming winter. Could you please let me know what these winters were like?

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