Dreary Start to the Week

Today looks to be quite cloudy with light drizzle lingering for much of the day.  It appears that much of the measurable precipitation has passed on to the northeast, meaning that we will experience cloudy and misty conditions for the remainder of the day.  Upper air conditions show nothing significant (just a sprits of moisture over south central Kentucky on the thickness map) as far as support for this weak disturbance that is currently passing through our area.  I don’t see the high temperature climbing much higher than the mid-50s today with the blanket of cloud cover that stretches over a significant portion of the southeast.  Furthermore, the clouds will likely hang around overnight to keep our low temperature in the mid-40s.  Also expect some fog – thick in some areas – tomorrow morning given calm overnight winds and the amount of moisture present in our area.

Tuesday looks to be generally cloudy with some sunshine here and there.  We may reach 60 tomorrow afternoon, but that largely depends on the amount of sunshine we see throughout the day.  The winds may begin to increase out of the south tomorrow afternoon as our next weather-maker approaches from the west.

This next system from Canada should make for some interesting weather across the Mid-South on Thanksgiving day.  For nearly a week now, the GFS model has been fairly consistent regarding this system’s progression into our area.  The NAM also shows quite a bit of agreement over the positioning of this system over our area on Thanksgiving.  The NWS in Louisville is currently forecasting general cloudy conditions for Bowling Green on Thursday with a high in the mid-40s.  However, I believe that there will be enough moisture and sufficient cold air aloft at the 850 mb level that we should see some light rain showers followed by snow flurries Thanksgiving night when temperatures at the surface approach the freezing level.

Despite the consistency this system has shown, its track may alter significantly at any time over the next couple days.  Check back in on Wednesday for an updated look at this system, as well as Thanksgiving day forecasts for several areas across the Mid-South.

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