Weekend with mixed results

1. This looks like a half and half weekend for the mid south with more sunshine Saturday and more clouds Sunday.

2. I expect Saturday to feature high pressure over the Ohio Valley with sunny skies and light winds. Temperatures should be near40 at the start of the day and around 60 by days end. The one wrinkle for Saturday is for early morning fog Saturday due to high relative humidities and light winds in the morning. Nam model image for Saturday afternoon.

3.  Sunday will feature a wave heading from the gulf coast northeast up the eastern seaboard for us this likely means an increase in clouds with the slightest shower chance. Lows should be in the lower 40’s with highs kept down in the mid 50’s due to presence of more cloud cover. Nam model image Sunday evening.

4. An update on the last post, I still think there is a chance of snow flurries either early thanksgiving morning or later on in the evening with a upper level impulse coming thorough and model projections of lows close to freezing. My thinking is based off model runs, while other organizations use a different forecasting method called MOS which forecasts temperatures primarily off normal values that is why they have highs near 50 to end out next week.   A longer look into December shows A NAO trending negative, A positive PNA and a negative AO that could set the stage for a cold stormy pattern across the mid south for December.


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  1. mitchell.gaines673 says:

    Both the Canadian and Euro models are showing a storm tracking up the east coast with cold enough for snow behind it on the 1st of Dec, this zone that could receive snow if this track were to hold up could be the Mid-South. Still more than 7 days away, don’t get excited yet snow fans, the same Candaian model had this low tracking well to the west of us on yesturday’s run that would be a rainmaker if that track occured.

    Snow shower chances for the front end of the holiday weekend are still there.

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