Bowling Green Finally rises above freezing

Yesterday thanks to a surge of warm air advection Bowling Green the temperature at Bowling Green finally went above freezing this month not counting the first few hours of the New Year. Temperatures for the month are about 14*F below normal as of Tuesday. Here is the climate report so far for the month a very cold first half of Janurary.

How does this compare to other stretches of cold

this from the nws in Louisville

“Bowling Green ended up with 9 days in a row below freezing from January 2 through the 10th.  The record is 11 days set January 22 – February 1, 1948.  This was Bowling Green’s longest stretch below freezing since December 16-25, 1989, and the 3rd longest on record”.

so close to the record!!

– we have one more system passing to our south early Sunday before a week long thaw of above normal temperatures sets in. Right now the upper levels on the modeling are just to warm for snow, no way getting around that. However there is still a threat of enough low level cold below freezing at the surface Sunday morning for light freezing rain. I’ll have one more update later this week on this threat.

– by the way the thaw does not mean that winter’s over and at least the start of February appears to be another cold stretch compared to average.

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