dry slot takes away second band and higher end totals

Storm totals were from 5-7 inches across our region. This was slightly less than my going forecast of about 8 inches with the potential for locally more perhaps even over a foot. This was due to a dry slot which formed along the Kentucky/Tenn line late in the overnight  as a result another period of snow across western Kentucky which was producing moderate snowfall tracked just north of our region this would have produced another 2-4 inches of snow ( locally more) and the forecast would have verified.  As for the historical aspect of the storm we’ll see if the official measurement is 6 inches right now I would doubt it only getting 5.5 where i am.

looking ahead the rest of the weekend will be cold with highs only in the 20’s and single digits for lows. There will be a chance of light snow on Tuesday with another system late next week.  enjoy the snow.


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  1. Greg Goodrich says:

    Mitch, the official BWG total was 5.5″ (from my front yard actually, I’m the official NWS snow spotter for BWG). This makes this the most snow for BWG since January 1996 (5.6″). Prior to that, the heaviest snow was 7.5″ from March 1987, so this is likely a once-a-decade type storm. What killed our chances for a monster storm was the rapid weakening of the deformation zone as the 500 mb low got sheared by the confluence zone of the polar vortex. Only the northern fringe of the deformation zone was able to hold together over central KY, which is why 4-6″ fell as far north as Louisville. Had that snow gotten us as well, we would have easily gotten to 8″+. The last 8″+ storm was the 11″ that fell in February 1979.

  2. mitchell.gaines673 says:

    thanks for the info Dr.Goodrich.

    to all-
    briefly looking at some model data the blog forecaster may have another wintry system to deal with next friday though it may be to our east.

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