recap of meteorological winter 09-10

1. Thursday we should have some more sunshine than today with highs in the mid 40’s. While Friday will finally see a high pressure system to move north of the region allowing for an influx of warm southerly winds and mostly sunny skies with highs in the low 50’s. 60’s are still likely by the weekend.  The latest model runs instead of sending a low into the lakes with surface ridging in place as indicated the other day are becoming replaced with a cut-off low solution for the region which would mean clouds and a cold rain, maybe even snow?? for spring break week. I’ll follow up on this Friday.

2. In the mean time I will recap winter 09-10 across the region.

Overall this was a cold and snowy winter for the region which was hinted at before the season started on here. The main feature this winter was not the el-nino but the AO (arctic oscillation) which tanked negative several times to leading to cold airmasses building into the eastern United States and with the active el-nino storm track we were able to see several system which produced snow here in Bowling Green. Although it was not to record extent that Jackson and Covington saw in both terms of snow and cold.

AO values this past winter

The Stormtoppers ( author: Ronnie Leeper) have put out analysis maps of a few storms that impacted the region this winter using KYSIS. click here and scroll down to see the event maps.  

Here are the final winter stats at Bowling Green from the nws. We were 2.2* below normal, precipitation was also below normal. However snowfall was 15.4 for the winter which was 6.5 inches above normal. nws winter recap 

Looking ahead I think it will be a slow transition throughout the rest of March with a mild April compared to normal. The first part of the summer should be near to slightly below normal as the el-nino continues to collapse. However by late summer a neutral signal or even weak la-nina may set-up which may signal a hot and dry finish to summer.

Overall My view is although it was cold and snowy we missed on a few chances to go for a record winter snow wise like other parts of the state did just missing out n a few systems this winter like the one early this week or the clipper back in early January. However in the end we did see about 150% of normal snow making  it hard to complain.

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