Spring is NICE!

Yeah, maybe we have had a few consecutive days of the gloom and rain, but a change is on the horizon! Keeping clouds around for most of the day, with the trough still in place overnight. All in all, not much to discuss this forecast period. With the stacked low that brought us the unfavorable conditions to our E now, high pressure is pushing across the plains, making its way to us.

With this comes Warm AirĀ Advection (WAA) that will be present across the region for the week, producing temperatures that are sure to be on the rise. By tomorrow night, skies should begin to break up thanks to weak ridging at the surface before becoming mostly sunny for your Thursday.
Temperature wise, expect today and tomorrow to hang around the upper-50’s, with a nice overcast to thank for that. By Thursday, skies should be mostly sunny with a high of 64. But wait, it gets better… For Friday, a high of 70 degrees will accompany the sun! Expect lows for this period to hang around 40 degrees. Enjoy the beautiful days that are just around the corner!
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