Nice Wednesday

Today is going to be the best day out of the whole week. Today will be very nice with mostly sunny conditions and a high near 72. Today winds will be light and out of the southwest. This evening we can expect a low temperature of around 48. As of now the models are showing Thursday to be mostly cloud with a 50% chance of rain overnight on Thursday. The rain chances are due to a very small amount of vorticity that is coming down into our area via the polar jet. Right now there is split flow between the two but models show the sub-tropical and polar jet merging over our area tonight(Wednesday). This merger will provided the small piece of vorticity with enough moisture, from the gulf, to give us our 50% chance of rain on Thursday night. Thursday high temps will be near 73 with a low around 52. The models are showing Thursday nights weather carrying over into Friday as well. As of now rain chances for Friday are 50% with a high near 77 and a low near 57. Saturday could also bring some rain our way, but I will discuss that on Friday when the next blog comes out. Have a great rest of the week and get outside and enjoy today if you have a chance.

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