Next system progressing our way…

High pressure has dominated much of the weekend. With dry Canadian air mass taking over the region, temperatures have climbed to the mid 60’s while dropping to the low 40’s at night. Much can be expected for today, with a change soon to come. High pressure will push eastward, making way for the next low pressure system to move our direction.

Severe outbreak is expected in the central plains later today from this, with showers taking over our area before the day is over. Clouds will continue to increase with showers soon to follow, as a warm front begins to track over our area. You can view the current radar image here, with showers pushing NE, reaching us within the next few hours. The showers will be accompanied by a few embedded thunderstorms later tonight and the warm sector will push tomorrows highs back into the 80’s! Quite a quick change, wouldn’t you say?

This week will remain active, with numerous systems passing through the trof as we progress through Friday. Temperature wise, expect today to be much like yesterday with a warming trend the rest of the week. Tuesday through Friday, expect highs to hang around the lower to mid 80’s, with lows dipping from the mid to lower 60’s. Everyone enjoy your week!

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