Summer-like pattern is setting up for drought conditions.

The passage of the cold front early this morning has left the area with much cooler and drier air in place, but the heat shall return for the weekend and well into next week.  The main reason for this is due to the overall lack of soil moisture.  This lack of soil moisture is leaving the boundary layer much drier, and the jet stream pattern has gone to a more summer-like pattern as opposed to something that would be expected in mid-September, with the main core of jet energy well to the north over southern Canada, leaving much of the United States high and dry.  Lack of moisture is going to allow for wide temperature fluctuations between day and night, and indications show that next week daily maximum temperatures could reach into the mid 90s—rather unseasonable warmth for this time of year.  This pattern is somewhat reminiscent of what was seen during the summer and early fall of 2007.  All indications are that the next week will be dry and hot, only exacerbating the drought conditions.

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