WKU’s Field Methods in Weather Analysis and Forecasting Trip

Hello blog readers…
I am happy to report that our annual Fields Methods class has already embarked on our trip across the Great Plains in search of weather and greater understanding.
With any luck (and a little skill), we will be as successful as last year’s group and come back with many good pictures, memories, and learning experiences.
This years group includes: Mitchell Gaines, Nathaniel Shearer, Lee Campbell, Kate Wilson, Dustin Jordan, Olivia Payne, Lindsay Rice, as well as myself (Kyle Berry). The instructors, are the same as last year, as we are led by Dr. Joshua Durkee from here at WKU and his colleague Dr. Grady Dixon.
The next couple of weeks the blog will be very active, as there will be daily updates concerning that day’s weather, pictures, as well as our current location.
For now, we are currently in Arkansas heading for a good nights sleep in Tusla, OK. Tommorow looks to be a “chaseable” day with the target area being somewhere in central Kansas. Expect an update soon…

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