Roller Coaster Ride for This Week

The first full week of Fall 2011 looks mostly quiet with the temperature fluctuations along with the cut-off low being the main stories.

Yesterday, the weather over The Mid South was dominated by rather prolific dry slotting in the cut-off low pushing the most active weather to the Atlantic States.  Today, the main activity is in the Deep South as drier more stable air is in place once again over the Mid South.

Skies should remain mostly clear today with a few clouds moving through.  The latest GOES Sounding (11GMT) suggests a high of around 73°F, but winds out of the south should provide enough Warm Air Advection to reach a a high of 75°F.  Models suggest a small shortwave in the cut-off low should move through here tomorrow increasing the chance of rain, and Thursday should be the warmest day of the week.

As we head closer to the weekend, models suggest the cut-off low should be picked up by the jet stream and a high amplitude pattern will ensue with a trough in place over the Mid South by the weekend pushing high temperatures down to the low to mid 60s.

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