Pleasant fall weather to continue for the next several days.

Bowling Green forecast for the next few days:
  • Tuesday: High near 78, overnight low near 46.  Sunny.
  • Wednesday: High near 81, overnight low near 49.  Sunny.
  • Thursday: High near 83, overnight low near 51.  Sunny.


After a brief cool down, the region will see an upper-level ridge build into the area from the west over the next several days.  Coupled with high pressure at the surface, mostly sunny to completely sunny skies can be expected through the week.  Model forecasted temperature guidance has been low for much of the summer.  Considering this, we should have just enough daylight left to bump up forecasted temperatures a degree or two, with the peak in temperatures occurring late this week.

Omega block keeping us dry!

This ridge doesn't begin to weaken until this weekend.

Tomorrow, I’ll provide a tropical update and an explanation of the Madden-Julian Oscillation, a key ingredient for the rest of our hurricane season.

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