New look at Texas and Oklahoma drought conditions.

With La Niña conditions expected to stay at current strength or get stronger, the people of Oklahoma and Texas are rightfully concerned about their water conditions.  The map below is an interesting look at how many inches of rain are needed to break the drought.

Notice the two areas that desperately needed the rain this weekend got it.

Comparing this map to a couple of accumulated rainfall maps from Texas and Oklahoma, it’s easy to see that although this rainfall event hasn’t done away with the drought conditions across these areas, a nice dent was put into some of the anomalies.  Look at these maps that show accumulations of  3 + inches across parts of Texas and Oklahoma.

Courtesy of the Texas Mesonet

And in Oklahoma,

Not quite as descriptive as the data from the mesonet, but still gives the idea.


I’m sure that the people of Texas and Oklahoma who do not know what a dryline will still be thanking God for them.  Bring it on drylines!

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