Some breaks in the cloud cover have been occurring, which was expected based on earlier runs of the RUC showing a patch of drier air at 700mb moving through the area.  However, the limited amount of sunlight that has been allowed to come through the cloud cover will not be enough to increase instability at the surface.  Any storms that fire and move through today and into tonight are going to be heavily driven on dynamics.  It is very likely that there will be limited convection with the storms; however, the high wind threat is very real with this system.  Thus, there does not need to be any major convective activity to have a “thunderstorm” wind event.  The main tornado threat continues to be well north of the Mid-South; however, there is an outside chance of low-topped supercells forming.  Lack of surface based CAPE, however, will be a major inhibiting factor on these storms should they develop.

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