Hurricane Matthew and Tropical Storm Nicole

After pushing over Haiti and along the eastern coast of Florida, Hurricane Matthew continues to push up the east coast as it weakens. 214531w5_nl_sm

As it can be seen above, the NHC is expecting Hurricane Matthew to weaken into a tropical storm by Sunday 2pm, and affect areas no further north than North Carolina. By Sunday, the storm is expected to turn back out into the Atlantic and head south toward the Bahamas as a tropical storm.

An satellite view of Matthew taken from GOES-East on Oct 7th, 1:30 pm CDT: 

This satellite imagery not only shows the impressive scale of Hurricane Matthew, but also shows Tropical Storm Nicole developing in the Atlantic off to the southeast of Hurricane Matthew. According to the NHC, Nicole is not expected to head any further west and instead head north toward Bermuda.

The forecast for Tropical Storm Nicole from the NHC:

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