Cooler Temperatures On Their Way

WPC 10-12-16 Forecast Map

WPC 10-12-16 Forecast Map

With a low pressure system just north of Texas that is driving a cold front into our region Wednesday evening into Thursday, we can expect chances of rain and thunderstorms.

The polar jet is starting to creep into the far northern parts of the country with the subtropical jet still over the southern part. This is going to create interesting weather, similar to what we saw in the spring when this same event occurred, just in reverse.

The surface low will continue moving southeast while pulling the cold front through Kentucky. This is what will bring rain. The aftermath will feature cooler temperatures as high pressure sets in. The cooler temperatures are not expected to stay very long.

Tonight: A bit warmer than this morning, 56 degrees. Partly cloudy with rain chances into the early morning hours.

Tomorrow: 20% chance of rain, primarily in the morning with a high of 67. Cooler temperatures as that cold front passes through.

I will be back Friday to discuss what happened and your weekend forecast.

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