Warm Weekend Ahead


Forecast Map for 10/15/16

Forecast Map for 10/15/16   

It has been an gloomy end to what was a warmer than usual week. Rain moved into Bowling Green in the early hours of Thursday morning, making Thursday considerably colder than Wednesday and we are still feeling the effects of that cold front still with cooler temperatures

We are currently sitting in high pressure with temperatures that we are used to seeing for Fall. As this high pressure persists its going to warm up this weekend, assisted with warm, moist winds from the south. Saturday rain and thunderstorms are still possible for the eastern parts of Kentucky.

Your forecast:

Friday: Cooler for now with temperatures possibly reaching the mid 70s. That is, if the sun burns off the persistent overcast we have. High of 74. Tonight will be a bit warmer at 59.

Tomorrow: Chance of rain is there but it will be much warmer. High of 81 with a slim chance of rain. Low of 60.

Sunday: Sunday we continue the warming trend with a high of 83. Low of 64.

Thanks for reading. I will see you in early November!


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