Cool Weekend

Hello everyone! As the weekend arrives the temperatures drop mainly due to the cold front that just past through the Mid-South region providing rain to the area. Expect the same cool and clear weather due to the high pressure that lies in Mid-West region of the United States. Currently there is a trough situated right over the middle of Kentucky followed by a pronounced ridge that is expected to remain present over much of the United States through most of next week.

WPC National Forecast Map for October 22, 2016

WPC National Forecast Map for October 22, 2016

The cold front that recently passed through the Mid-South brought rain to most of the region. Results of the thunder storms that passed through Bowling Green brought 0.27 inches of rain from Wednesday afternoon (5:35pm CDT) to Thursday afternoon (5:35pm CDT), according to, which was slightly more than my foretasted range on Wednesday afternoon.

Weekend Outlook for Bowling Green:

Tonight: Expect partly clear skies with a low temperature of 40 degrees and a dew point temperature of 38 degrees. Slight wind out of the northwest around 5mph  Potential frost early in the morning before dawn.

Saturday: Sunny and clear with high temperature reaching 60 degrees and a slight wind out of the northwest around 5 mph.

Saturday Night (Game night): Clear and cool with temperatures around 42 degrees, slight northwest wind around 5 mph.

Sunday: Sunny and clear again with high temperature reaching 73 degrees with winds at 5 mph coming from the south in the morning before turning southwest through out the rest of the day.

Sunday Night: Clear and cool again with temperatures around 50 degrees. Slight wind out of the south gradually changing to an easterly wind overnight into Monday morning.

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