Election Day Forecast, Cooler Week Ahead

As the weekend came and went, temperatures dropped to what they usually are this time of year. We are finally seeing some fall weather and hopefully it is here to stay.

WPC Forecast Map 11-7-16

WPC Forecast Map 11-7-16

Aloft, the wind patterns are very scattered. Jet streaks to our northwest and northeast leaving Kentucky in a center of high pressure. As time goes on however, the winds we receive will come steadily from our northeast and cool our temperatures down around Thursday. I will discuss that more in depth on Wednesday.

As for today, our weather couldn’t be nicer.

We have a cold front far out to our northwest that will bring rain to the Great Plains region and will possibly bring rain to us tomorrow. High pressure in New England.

As for the numbers:

Today, possible high of 74 with a low of 48. Clear to partly cloudy skies.

Tomorrow, our rain chances increase due to that cold front, and we do cool down a bit. Possible high of 68 with a low of 47.

Wednesday and Thursday is when our wind patterns are expected to steady out with winds from the northeast.


Thank you for reading and don’t forget to vote tomorrow! I will see you Wednesday.

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