Finally Feels Like Fall

Wednesday is shaping up to be a beautiful fall day. Sunny and cool like fall is suppose to be! The jet stream is ridging northwest of Kentucky leaving the state in high pressure. Winds from due north are bring the cooler temperatures that should be persistent for the rest of the week

WPC Forecast Map 11-9-16

WPC Forecast Map 11-9-16

The entire state isn’t out of the clear yet, however. Far east counties in Kentucky could have some rain today as the remnants of the cold front that passed through fizzle out.

Rain chances are nearly zero for the rest of the week, however another cold front will pass through toward the end of the week. I will elaborate more on that Friday and discuss any rain chances it may bring.

I like numbers, do you like numbers?

Today: As of writing this, the KY Mesonet has Warren County sitting at 54 degrees, possible high of 59. Tonight’s low is 34 degrees. Frost is a big possibility in local areas.

Tomorrow: High of 63 degrees. Warmer tomorrow compared to today, but not by much. Low of 40.

Friday I will discuss possibility of freezing temperatures for your weekend as well as the rest of the weekend forecast.

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