Cold Finals Week

If you’re reading this and happen to be a student at WKU, happy finals week! If you’re not a student, I hope you have a good week. It is going to be cold.

Keeping up with the forecast discussions released by the NWS Louisville over the past couple of days, this week is going to be interesting.

My posts this week will all build on one another, I may also post more than I usually do as I get more information on the forecast. Plus, I have more free time, so why not?

Right now Bowling Green is sat in the middle of some very fast upper level winds. These winds are from the south and as I move down the atmosphere, they stay coming from the south until I reach 1000mb. At 850mb there is a center of high pressure directly to our northwest that is going to hold our cold temperatures for today.

You have probably heard the term “arctic blast” over the past few days. Basically upper level winds form the north are going to move in our direction, bringing very cold temperatures. What fun.

As for today, it’s going to be very gloomy and you should not rule out rain. Rain is possible all day so be prepared. Here is a map:

WPC Forecast Map 12-5-16

WPC Forecast Map 12-5-16

Even though the colors aren’t correct, it still tells you the good story. Possible rain as the remnants of that cold front finally dissipate away. Leaving us cold and wet, sometimes the weather is mean. It does not show the center of high pressure that is just to the north of Paducah, but that’s because it is only seen at 850mb and below, it is fairly insignificant.

Now here are some more maps, I usually don’t do this but since the weather is interesting, I want to go into more detail.

WPC Forecast Map 12-6-16

WPC Forecast Map 12-6-16

Yay, more rain. A low pressure system will power a cold front, bringing us more rain. Remember those winds from the south, those carry moisture from the Gulf Coast, you can also thank those winds for more rain! You also start seeing winter weather showing up close to Kentucky, freezing rain possible in West Virginia.

One more map and I’ll get on with today’s numbers.

WPC Forecast 12-7-16

WPC Forecast 12-7-16

That snow is just going to cuddle up right next to us. As of right now, the models are in disagreement with what is actually going to happen. Fore Wednesday and Thursday here is what the models are suggesting. Now, only time will tell and I will give more details with a much more confident prediction as we get closer.

GFS(Global Model): Running fairly fry with precipitable water which is a good representation on how moist the atmosphere is. It is also running dry with accumulated precipitation

NAM(North American): Running moist on both precipitable water and accumulated precipitation.

I do not have access to the Euro Model(ECMWF) however, from forecast discussions I have read from the NWS it is also running moist.

NOW the numbers!

Today: High of 50 degrees with continued chances of rain.

Tonight: Low of 46 degrees and it will rain tonight.

Tomorrow: High around 50 degrees. More rain likely.

Thanks for reading, I will post more as more information is gathered.



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