Mid-Finals Week Forecast

Forecast 12-7-16

Forecast 12-7-16

For the first time in a while we have seen the sun ┬átoday! Wouldn’t you know it?! After what seemed like a month of straight rain and gloom we finally get a sunny day.

A sunny day right before what is going to be the coldest days we have seen this season.

Yes, starting tonight we are going to see some unseasonably cold temperatures. After Monday’s post the possible winter weather I discussed coming Thursday has dried up with all models agreeing to drier conditions. However it is leaving us with bitter cold temperatures.

After the final cold front passed through, high pressure set up in our region. Even though it is not as sensational as it once was with the possibility of snow, it’s still going to be very cold for our region this time of year.

The cold temperature will be fueled by northerly winds bring that arctic air into Kentucky Thursday into Friday.


The numbers:

Tonight: It starts us off with some cold temperatures tonight going into Thursday. Low of 27 degrees.

Tomorrow: High of 35 expected which is ten degrees cooler than today. Low of a frigid 18 degrees.


I apologize for the lateness of this blog post! I will return Friday with a summary of this week and your weekend forecast.


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