Your Winter Break Weekend!

I have enjoyed forecasting the weather this week. It was interesting throughout and kept me on my toes at the beginning.

It has been frigid cold the past couple days with lows yesterday getting down into the 20s.

The Solomon Islands experienced a 7.8 magnitude Earthquake, leaving Hawaii in a Tsunami Watch.

Forecast 12-9-16

Forecast 12-9-16

Nothing super eventful will happen today as we are set in a high pressure area. A front out west is driving winter weather from Oregon down south into Colorado. We also see snow possibilities to our north in Indiana and Ohio. Arctic winds from the north will make sure we stay cold all day.

Forecast 12-10-16

Forecast 12-10-16

As we move into Saturday, our winter weather chances increase. Possible snow will move more south towards Kentucky and we will stay in the cold temperatures. Eastern Texas can expect a rainy Saturday.



As we get into Sunday the winter weather chances move even closer to Kentucky. This is where it gets interesting and more difficult to forecast. Winter weather is tricky, even the best forecasters can be caught off guard. With my skills, I will keep an eye of freezing levels in our area.

Expected as of right now, a band of freezing rain will be in between regular rain to the south and snow to the north. This is al happening to our north, depending on the direction of the wind and frontal movement will determine if we get any of this winter weather.

As for your weekend numbers:

Tonight: A frigid night ahead with a low of 20 degrees. This could be lower in localized areas.

Tomorrow: A little warmer with a high near 40 degrees. Low around 27.

Sunday: Snow possible in the early morning that will transition into rain. High around 47 degrees. 50% chance of rain. Low around 43. Higher rain chances in the night.


It has been a blast writing for the blog this semester! Have a safe winter break and a fantastic holiday season!


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