Off to a Wet Start on the Autumnal Equinox

Surface Map 10Z (Source: College of DuPage)

It is the first day of autumn, where the world gets an equal amount of sunlight, and with the recent passing of the cold front, it is going to feel like it, too. However, rain isn’t out of the question despite such. A strong cyclonic system within Texas will push in more instances of precipitation to start our morning, and wet conditions will continue into our afternoon, and into our evening.

13Z GOES-16 Satellite Image (Source: College of DuPage)

12Z HRRR Reflectivity (Source: College of DuPage)

The map above suggests that it will rain all day. With this in mind, expect wet conditions over a long period; any time you need to go out, be sure you bring an umbrella or a rain jacket to keep you dry.  With the recently passed cold front and the rain, temperatures won’t get really high; expect temperatures that can get up to the low 70’s and upper 60’s.

21Z SFC Temperature (Source: College of DuPage)


Saturday: 90% chance of rain throughout the day and into the evening; High: 73, Low: 65

Sunday: 60% chance of showers, otherwise cloudy; High: 71, Low: 63

Monday: 60% chance of rain; High: 77, Low: 67

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