Is There a Stop Button for Rain?

Today is one of those curl up in a big blanket and read a book kind of days. It has been raining since most of us woke up and will continue to rain until most of us hit the hay. And it won’t stop there: both Tuesday and Wednesday display high chances for rain. However, there will be a distinct difference in how the rain occurs. Today’s rain has been a constant drizzle to moderate rain, while Tuesday’s rain showers will be more sporadic with a low chance of a few severe storms. Wednesday’s rain will come during the first half of the day ahead of a cold front; therefore, we’ll see some big changes in the second half of the week compared to the first half. The passing of the cold front will be our “stop button” to the rain. But before we see those changes, it’s worth noting that the recent and future rainfall amounts have prompted flash flood watches from National Weather service in Louisville for a majority of Kentucky, including Warren County. The flash flood watch for our area will continue until Wednesday at 1 pm. If you ever come across a road covered by water, ALWAYS turn around, don’t drown. The possibility for water to cover up a washed away section of the road or its ability to carry your car off the road always exists.

The following GIF shows the change from a very moist air mass (the purples and fuchsia) to a dry air mass (the browns and greens) after the cold front passes.

GFS PWATs from Tuesday morning to Friday morning- Courtesy of Pivotal Weather.


Temps will drastically cool off Wednesday evening and stay cool for Thursday and Friday.

GFS temperatures for Wednesday (1 am CST) through Friday (1 pm CST)


Today: Rain will continue with overcast skies keeping temps throughout South Central Kentucky at or below 75.

Tomorrow: Rain chances continue, but will be more sporadic. If cloud cover decreases, as some models indicate, the potential for severe weather will increase as the sun provides more energy for potential storms. Temperatures will also vary based on the amount of sunshine received. Places receiving  lots of sun could see low 80s, while cloudy areas will stay in the mid 70s.

Wednesday: Rainy and windy conditions will end just after the noon hour as will the flash flood watch. Once the rain ends, temperatures will quickly drop from the mid 70s to the low 60s with the passage of the cold front. Overnight into Thursday, lows will bottom out into the 50s.

The cold front will provide low dew points, and skies will be clearing Thursday through the weekend. This will create the prime conditions for cool nights and pleasantly warm days. For those of you in Bowling Green for the weekend, come on out to WKU and enjoy all the festivities of “Parents’ Weekend” and the following football game against Marshall at the Houch!

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