October Starts off a Rollercoaster

Good evening WKU!

Tuesday began with humidity and temperatures on the rise for Warren Co.! High temperature was reached around the peak of the afternoon at 84 degrees. A bit of rain out there today… rain showers this morning and this afternoon contributed to 0.09″ of rain in our area thanks to decent convection. Will the rain continue? Yes, but not before a break of mild temperatures on Wednesday and Thursday. However, minor evening rain chances for thunderstorms later in the day for Wednesday, but a different story for Thursday. Some isolated storms and rain is expected to sweep across the Midwest into the OH Valley Thursday evening. An oncoming cold front could bringing colder temperature and guess what? You guessed it! Rainfall, unfortunately could bring an end to the work week with wet shoes by Friday morning.

For Wednesday, a good ole’ longwave ridge in the upper air reveals sunshine for Wednesday morning and the PM hours. Temperatures are going to be mildly humid tomorrow, a high of 86 or 87 degrees. A southerly wind creating that juicy feeling of humidity and also convective clouds. With that, brings a small chance for severe thunderstorms late Wedensday afternoon. Some shortwave activity is going to be key in developing the isolated storms and showers later on Wednesday. A shortwave trough is bound to encounter sustained air of high pressure Thursday evening. This mid latitude-cyclone brings in a cold front and heavier rain in the evening hours for most counties in Ky. throughout the rest of the week.

Tuesday: High of 84 degrees with scattered clouds associated with rain and thunderstorms. A slight breeze from a southerly wind keeps conditions rather humid. Amount of precip. ~(0.1″).

Tuesday PM: Mostly clear skies and a calm wind from the south with a nice feeling low of 70 degrees. A risk for fogging and mist in the area with temperatures near that leveled volume for creating dew in the air.

Wed: Partly sunny with scattered clouds. A small risk for scattered thunderstorms in the evening hours of the day. A high temperature of 86, feeling mildly warm thanks to a few rays of sunshine!

Thurs: Partly cloudy increasing clouds into the afternoon. A high of 88 degrees and strong chances for isolated showers and thunderstorms in the evening hours. Rain intended for areas of Ky late into Friday morning.

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