The Warmth Continues…

Happy Wednesday!

Unfortunately, today was yet another toasty Wednesday afternoon as Bowling Green reached a high temperature of 87 degrees.  To make matters worse, the moisture content in our atmosphere is high yet again as dewpoints soared to the lower 70s earlier!  It felt hot and muggy outside, and looks to remain that way through at least the next week or so.  Also- winds are expected to stay generally from the southern direction over the next few days, bringing in more moisture.  Fog in the mornings has been a bit of an issue as of late, expect that to continue- patchy fog is possible in the early mornings through the weekend. 

Watch for gusty winds overnight into tomorrow morning: an upper level disturbance- generally focused to the north of us- is moving through the area.  While we won’t see severe weather from this system (as we are positioned further away), storms to our north later this evening could begin to collapse into southern Illinois and Indiana- pushing their outflow into our general area.  This could bring gusty winds, and an unlikely but small chance of rain across our area.  So keep those umbrellas handy!

Speaking of rain, here comes more.  The model above (a single run of the NAMNEST model, which has actually been doing pretty good for our area as of late) is showing that chances of scattered showers will be increasing tomorrow afternoon into Friday morning.  It won’t be a washout, but definitely keep an eye to the skies and be prepared for blue skies to suddenly turn dark.

Tonight: Gusty winds, low temperature of 70 degrees

Tomorrow: High of 90, PM scattered/isolated showers

Tomorrow night: Isolated showers, low temperature of 70 degrees

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