Where is the Cooler Weather?


If you only looked at the temperatures, you would not believe when I tell you we are in October! The average high this time of year in Kentucky is around 71 degrees with the low of 46. Our low temperature is closer to the average high, which means that our high is well above average. 

But as the 06z NAM is showing that the high around 86 and low in the mid 70s this Friday. Not to mention that the dew points will be around the lower 70s. As a result it may feel close to the lower 90s.

Do you ever ask why we can not have cool temperatures? I did, but looking at the setup it will become clear why this ridiculously hot weather is happening.

The high pressure over Mississippi is one stubborn high pressure and refuses to move. Looking ahead in the models our area gets close to cooler temperature, but then the high pressures regains its grip over the area. As of right now we will not see a real cool down for a couple of weeks.


Friday: 87/68

Saturday: 88/67 With a slight chance of thunderstorms

Sunday: 89/68

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