The Hot and the Humid

12Z Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Heights, Divergence (Source: SPC)

It is another start of a hot and humid weekend here in Bowling Green. A strong ridge is bringing in moisture along with higher temperatures, such as the one above. Temperatures will reach as high as the mid-80’s and will go down to the lower 70’s as we finish our Saturday. Dew points will remain in the upper 60’s and lower 70’s, making for horribly uncomfortable conditions. If going outside for long periods, please stay hydrated.

12 RAP Temperatures (Source: College of DuPage)

There is a small chance for a stray showers to pop up. Other than that, there will be no stops in the hot and humid train as we continue into Sunday and into next week. For Sunday, temperatures will get into the low 80’s and fall to the upper 60’s. Monday follows a similar trend, with highs into low 80’s, and lows into the upper 60’s.


Saturday: Hot and humid with 20% chance of showers; High: 85, Low: 70

Sunday: Hot and humid; High: 83, Low: 69

Monday: Hot and humid; High: 84, Low: 71

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