Sunny but Cool Start to the Week

Yesterday started off very nice with temperatures topping at 66. Soon we felt the cold though as a cold front came through last night. I imagine many of you all felt the winds as they picked up. We even had a peak wind gust of 33 mph! From this cold front we will have cooler temperatures today. Temperatures will hit freezing tonight. The National Weather Service office in Louisville has issued a freeze warning from 1:00 am October 22 to 8:00 am October 22. Please be sure to cover any sensitive plants or bring them inside if possible. Thankfully we have a chain of high pressure systems coming from the west so we should see clear, sunny skies for the next few days.

Surface Observations

Satellite Imagery

Overall, temperatures do not look to get above the low 60s. Another cold front will makes its way across the area Tuesday bringing with it cooler temperatures for Wednesday and winds. Thankfully the winds will be much calmer than those yesterday. Behind that cold front will be another high pressure system to center on the Great Lakes region. This will help keep cool temperatures around for us.

You can see as winds change from coming from the west to coming from the north indicating the cold front


  • Sunday:
    • High- 56
    • Low- 32
    • Precipitation-0, cloud free skies
    • NOTE: There is a freeze warning out and there will be frost!
  • Monday:
    • High- 65
    • Low- 41
    • Precipitation-0, clear skies
  • Tuesday:
    • High- 63
    • Low- 37
    • Precipitation-0, clear skies

As always everyone have a fun and safe week!

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