Let the Homecoming Festivities Begin!

Get ready to pomp with your hands, stomp with your feet, and yell with your mouth that Dear Old Western can’t be beat!… actually, we’re 1-6 this season, so we get beat a lot. But enough about sports, let’s talk weather.

What a change since October 1st. We started off this month with 10 straight days of high temps of 84 or higher. One of those days it hit 90. We started off this morning just 1 degree above freezing. Woah! Just like Spring, Fall is a wacky time of year that can bring all sorts of changes in weather. This is caused by Earth’s tilt and how it revolves around the Sun, which combine to create changes in differential heating between the Equator and North Pole. Basically, when the sun warms up one area (the Equator) more than another (the North Pole), the atmosphere really starts moving and churning, so it can create a balance in temperature and pressure across the Northern Hemisphere. This causes an increase in severe weather events and bigger temperature changes at the surface as warm and cold fronts move across the country.

Over the first half of the week, we won’t be seeing much in the way of changing weather. High pressure in place will keep around the cool morning starts and provide plenty of sunshine Monday through Wednesday.


12Z NAM GIF showing cloud cover Monday afternoon through Tuesday evening. -Courtesy of Pivotal Weather

If you are a fan of meteor showers, tonight is the night to go out and do so. Yes, the Orionid meteor shower technically peaked last night, but tonight’s leftovers will still be worth watching. The only thing impeding visibility tonight is the presence of the nearly full moon. As seen in the GIF above, clouds will primarily remain south of the state line all night long. Low temps will be hard-pressed to make it below 40 even with clear skies due to the dewpoint temps in the upper 30s. So, grab a couple of blankets and some friends and marvel at creation tonight.


Tuesday will be even warmer than today as temps move into the mid-upper 60s. All in all, another nice Fall day.



12Z GFS depicting temps in the mid 50s and winds of 10-15mph throughout SOKY at 1pm Wednesday. -Courtesy of Pivotal Weather

Wednesday, prepare your mind, your body, and your wardrobe for Homecoming Games 2018 at the Colonnade, 3pm. With a high in the upper 50s, it’s not a bad idea to wrap a blanket around your shoulders as you cheer on your favorite Greek organization.


Today: As of noon, it was already 59°F and will continue to get warmer. High of 65 with a few passing clouds, but primarily very sunny.

Tonight: Low of 41 with light winds and clear skies.

Tuesday: Sunny and a little warmer with a high of 68.

Wednesday: starting off in the low-mid 30s, high in the upper 50s with a briskness to it. Winds will pick up to 10-15mph by the mid-afternoon hours.

While this week will be extremely busy with Homecoming preparations, competitions, and other activities, the only thing you have to worry about weatherwise for the next 3 days is picking the right sweatshirt or flannel to wear each day. Don’t forget to keep tuning in this week to see if it will be dry for our big weekend plans.

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