Wet Thursday and Friday

Good evening!

With WKU homecoming this Saturday, it’s time to take a look at the weather.

We’ll start with the Storm Prediction Center’s rainfall graphic for tomorrow through Friday.  Remnants from Hurricane Willa will track along the U.S. East Coast, bringing heavy rain and strong winds across the East Coast region.  We dodge a bullet here in Bowling Green, but nevertheless expect plenty of rain tomorrow and Friday as the system moves past.  Below is a one run model output that gives us a general idea of what rainfall rates could be like during this time:

But what about homecoming?

Thankfully, the system should move out of the area by Saturday.  There is still potential for lingering showers, but it shouldn’t be a washout.

We can see with this model run of the 18z NAM that the following pattern is a chilly one, with potential for quite a few cold shots coming up.  We could easily see quite a few more chilly days ahead!  Hang on to those jackets- both for rain and for cold!

Tonight: Low of 41

Tomorrow: High of 64, Low of 49.  Chances for rain increase in the afternoon

Friday am: Low 44. Rain in am gradually clears

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